Additional Cast, not pictured:

Dianne – Moira Begale
Zig Freely – Brian Dickie
Alexis Mess – Atalee Judy
Yevgeny – Ed Kroske

Additional Crew, not pictured:

2nd Camera – M. Looney
Sound – Libby Beyreis
Gun Wrangler – Richard Gilbert
Original Music Composition – Michael Kunc
Catering – Mom & Tom Catering
Casting Assistance:
Loretta Rezos, Michele DiMaso, Leigh Barrett
Graphic Design – Shaun Baer
Cinematographic Assistance – Ariel Sadok

Special Thanks:

Tony Wolf
Mary Rosen
Tom McKay
Michele DiMaso
Christopher Walsh
Leigh Barrett
Bambi Bellows & Siri Soderbloom
Dawn Alden
Karen Ziliak
Joe Heinen & The Red Lion Lincoln Square
Brendan Hutt
Mark Finger
Matt Ivaliotes
Jennifer Mickelson
House of Doolittle
Bill Blethen
Fred Guttas
Brian Hendricks
Marnie Galloway
Justine Serino
David Schmidt
Reyna Larson & Mabel Mabel
Nancy Mosinski
Dan Decker
Amy Harmon
Lisa Herceg
Barbara Lhota
Amy Rosen
Michele Greenwald
Karlin Sloan & Company

For Maya

Additional Music:
Episode Closings: Tripping Over Delilah by Mabel Mabel, used with permission
Trailer #1: Megacosm by Dan-O at
Trailer #2: Chimera Derivation by Dan-O at
Episode 3: Honeys Pie (Wake) / CC BY 3.0
Episode 4: Time to Go by
Namaste by Jason Shaw / CC BY 3.0
Episode 8: Conversation underscore: “She” by Luna Blu, used with permission – hear the full song here:
Episode 9: “The Complex” Kevin MacLeod (
Episode 10: Dub Tech Mix (Robodub) / CC BY 3.0
“Long note One” Kevin MacLeod ( / CC BY 3.0
Fight Underscore:  by Joshua Woolf @ Matthew Hill, composed for TSL

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