Maeghan Looney
2nd Camera Operator

Maeghan Looney hails from a tiny rural town in Indiana boasting a gas station, grocery store, a whole lot of corn, and not much else. A proud graduate in Acting from Ball State University, she has been lucky enough to be involved in a variety of artistic endeavors since moving to the city. She has acted as graphic designer, photographer, and commercial extra in addition to appearing on the stage. Prior credits include Curtains (Niki Harris), An Inspector Calls (Sheila Birling), The Importance of Being Earnest (Ms. Prism), and Beauty and the Beast (Belle). The Scarlet Line marks her first crew experience behind the camera and she could not be more happy to put that art minor to good use. She recently appeared on stage in EMPTY BOTTLES, a world premier play by On Deck Theatre Company.

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